As a farewell to my time as a music producer (among other things) at the Swedish National Radio (many tears involved), I made an updated version of my old Kalejdoskop.

Kalejdoskop is a personal late-night mix tape with music played and created in any possible manner, from a robot player to a flute charming serpents in the desert. As I wrote… dive in with open ears!

Aurélie Ferrière under water

I had been producing music recordings for the Swedish National Radio for many years, my latest position being head of selection and production of recordings of orchestra, opera, jazz, folk and chamber music in the Southern part of Sweden, for national broadcast on channel P2. For this channel I had also previsouly worked with many other orchestras in the rest of Sweden – especially projects with the Swedish Radio National Orchestra which you’ll find further down on this page – though I’ve collaborated with other ensembles as a free-lance in other countries before that… scroll down:)