I am now a member of “Unga tankar om musik”, a think tank and reference group connecting 40 actors of the music industry under 40 years-old, in Sweden – as of now under the Royal Academy of Music. More info about our activities here.


Covid made me do a lot of filming…
I’ve been script creator and score supervisor in a series of orchestra concerts in Berwaldhallen – these productions are available online with the selection changing regularly so check again later if you don’t find what you wanted!

I’ve been music producer and assistant director for another movie made inside and around the hall – this time we’ve worked around Wagner’s Siegfried Idyll: watch it here.

….And, yet another movie with this creative team – Andrew Staples is directing, I’m music producer and assistant director, filming ensured by Berwaldhallen coworkers. This one is based on the creation of a new piece by Britta Byström for Malin Broman, who’s once again performing all 8 parts – do you remember the Mendelssohn octet viral video?
This new Octet film goes in a completely different direction – here’s a hint in the picture below! It will be premiered online and in concert at the Baltic Sea Festival on September 10, 2021.


Aurélie Ferrière in a miroir box